Ink pads and replacement pads

On this page, you’ll find stamp pads for every application and from every brand. If you can’t find your specific application, please contact us. | Stamp Pads for rubber stamps

Ink pads and stamp ink for every application.

We know two types of ink stamps: self-inking stamps and hand stamps, of which the latter requires a spare ink pad. When using a built-in ink stamp, you can print up to 7,000 impressions. For a stamp without a built-in cartridge, we offer you a number of ink pads in every colour and for every application. Special inks such as alcohol-based ink, inks for skin and even inks for meat and eggs are available in our online stamp shop. When you own a self-inking stamp and the stamp ink runs out, there are two options that both save you money. The first option is to buy a small bottle of stamp ink to refill your ink pad. However, if that's too difficult, there's also the option to buy a new ink pad. These replacement ink pads are filled with just the right amount of ink and add up to 7,000 more imprints to your stamp.

Replacement pads.

Just like the replacement text plates we offer, we also have back up ink pads and replacement cartridges for your ink stamp. Whether you have a Colop or Trodat ink stamp, you can always replace old parts with new fitted cartridges or stamp plates. If you plan on stamping more than 7,000 times with one ink stamp, it’s wise to order a backup ink pad. This way, your ink stamp will always have enough ink to continue stamping. The ink itself is also available in our shop. We offer different colours, applications (such as UV or ‘skin’ ink), and different sized ink bottles. When you order stamp ink at Office Rubber Stamps, we will send you a free manual on how to ink.

A wide range of replacement inks.

There are different inks for different applications of rubber stamps. If you have a self-inking stamp, the ink pads can be easily refilled with our standard stamp inks. If you’re looking for a stamp with special applications, Office Rubber Stamps is your supplier. We have the widest range of ink types; from water-resistant ink to UV stamp, Neon stamp ink and industrial stamp ink. We offer a variety of brands, such as Noris, Colop, Trodat and Coloris. If you need to re-ink your rubber stamp, just choose the right type and order cheaply online at Office Rubber Stamps!

Special stamp inks

Our most standard stamp inks are meant for use on paper. They can be used in every self-inking stamp and with every stamp pad. These ink bottles come in a number of colours and are very affordable. Noris and Coloris are two of the special brands in our stamp ink range. The ink can be used on almost every material, such as paper, wood, craft bags, textiles (cotton and linen), and even plastic. Noris and Coloris stamp inks provide the best quality on the market. If you’re looking for a rubber stamp ink capable of stamping on practically everything, we have the solution for you.
You’ll also need a technical ink pad for special inks, which you can find on our ‘ENDORSING INK’ page. Alongside these, we sell special UV light stamp ink. This is used in a lot of bars and night clubs. Bouncers use the stamps to mark customers with special 18+ stamps that light up in the dark. Lastly, a special stamp ink has been created by Noris, to stamp on eggs. All these stamp inks can be found at Office Rubber Stamps.