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Colop Printer custom stamps can be personalised with your own text or logo. The pad is suitable for 4,000 to 7,000 prints. After this you can easily replace the pad. | Colop Printer

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Colop Printer custom stamps

Colop’s bestselling custom name stamp online is the Colop Printer and it is generally used by various types of businesses and employees. What makes this stamp one of a kind is the way it can be personalised: from the actual imprint with your logo or text to the design of the holder, this custom stamp is one of the most adjustable name stamps available. Colop’s Printer Line was produced with high quality materials for reliable and regular use. These stamps are often called name stamps, since they are usually used when stamping names and addresses onto business cards and documents. When we are asked which stamps are our bestsellers or used as custom stamps most often, we answer Colop.

Stamping with Colop

Colop offers company name stamps online and they are all self-inking. That means these name stamps have built-in ink pads or cartridges, that make it possible to start stamping right away. Colop gives you the possibility of putting your company’s logo on the custom stamps they produce, so instead of just text you can choose the image that defines your corporate identity. A custom logo stamp by Colop will last for years.

Custom stamps online

The standard name stamp by Colop is always built in an environmentally friendly manner. Besides the custom logo stamp, a new feature by Colop Printer is the Microban type printer. Microban makes sure bacteria stays off of your stamp, especially when sharing your custom stamp with a lot of different users. Hospitals, big businesses and schools use these custom company stamps as it is safer. All the formats, shapes and colours are available with Microban rubber, so stamping will benefit your health by filtering out bacteria, instead of spreading viruses. If you have any questions about Microban or other custom stamps, please let us know. Order your Colop custom stamps online!