Colop eXpert heavy duty stamps

Colop eXpert stamps with metal grip. Robust model for heavy duty stamping on large surfaces. Personalise with your own logo and text! | Colop eXpert.

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  1. Colop eXpert 3400. Order stamps online with OfficeRubberStamps. Quick delivery!
    Colop eXpert Line 3400

    Size: 58 x 27mm

    £87.05 excl. VAT £105.33 incl. VAT
  2. Colop eXpert 3600. Stamp maker for the UK. We’ll provide your Colop eXpert 3600
    Colop eXpert Line 3600

    Size: 58 x 37mm

    £92.30 excl. VAT £111.68 incl. VAT
  3. Colop eXpert 3700. The English stamp company with the fastest delivery!
    Colop eXpert 3700

    Size: 79x34mm

    £96.92 excl. VAT £117.27 incl. VAT
  4. Colop eXpert 3900. Order your company stamps directly from OfficeRubberStamps
    Colop eXpert 3900

    Size: 106 x 55mm

    £114.14 excl. VAT £138.11 incl. VAT

4 Items

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Colop eXpert line, very durable metal stamps.

Colop eXpert line 3100 to 3900 are suitable for all companies, both inside and outside, and from the workshop to the office. These stamps stamp accurately and have a metal stamp casing for protection and strength. These Colop eXpert stamps have room for your own text or logo. You can easily replace the inkpad yourself. The stamp plate can also be easily replaced easily with a new text/logo, if needed. The ink is water-based and suitable for paper. Not suitable for glossy or glazed paper.