Personalise your self-inking rubber stamps

Self-inking stamps that can be fully personalised sorted by brand. A self-inking stamp can contain your logo, text and print automatically! | Self-inking stamps with your own logo or text. Design yours with our quick and easy stamp tool!

What are self-inking stamps?

Self-inking stamps are ink stamps that have a built-in ink pad. This means these custom ink stamps do not need a spare ink pad to leave an imprint. Self-inking rubber stamps are used by many companies, small businesses and schools to leave an imprint of a logo or text. As a stamp maker, we see that the old, vintage wooden hand stamp is still popular to this day. Although we love to produce hand-crafted ink stamps, the self-inking stamp is easier to use than the ink stamp without a built in inkpad. We recommend self-inking rubber stamps to all employees and company owners who want to stamp with the most efficient ink stamps available.

Ink stamps online

Self-inking rubber stamps are mostly used to leave imprints of logos and to mark documents. There are all sorts of self-inking stamps available online. At Office Rubber Stamps, you get to choose the colour, shape, size and design yourself! If you’re looking for a teacher’s stamp, we supply the perfect brands to fulfil your needs. All our custom ink stamps leave up to 7.000 prints without replacing the ink once. You can also easily design your own self-inking stamps online with our creator.

Ink stamps by the self-inking stamps maker

Since self-inking stamps are easier to use than any other ink stamp, we get a lot of questions about what would be the best when ordering ink stamps. For marking documents in accountancy or signing papers, a custom ink stamp will save you a lot of time. Press the custom self-inking stamp and leave a clear imprint at once. Take a look at our Colop or Trodat categories or all our self-inking rubber stamps. We have the Colop Expert for heavy duty, such as leaving more than 10.000 imprints, or the Colop Printer for normal desk use. Trodat has their own self-inking rubber stamps and offers you the Printy as an alternative to Colop’s Printer custom ink stamps. When looking for more sturdy models of self-inking rubber stamps, the Professional line by Trodat or the Classic line by Colop could be the self- ink stamps you’re looking for. UK manufactured personalised stamps can also be found here!