Standard or bespoke number stamps

Office stamps with numbers, with or without text. We have a big choice of all kinds of numbering stamps. All the stamps on this page are self-inking. The ink-pad is also very easy to change. | Self-inking number stamps with the option of adding personalised text, incredibly easy to use.

Office stamps with numbers

If you work in sales or accounting and you need to file documents every now and again, you must be familiar with numbering and will have heard about office stamps. Every document or paper needs to be dated and numbered and writing all of that information down would take you ages. Why wouldn’t you make that a little easier by using an office stamp with rotatable numbers? Choose the layout of your office stamp, add any optional text and set the numbers on the stamps.

Office stamp for numbering papers

As a rubber stamp maker, office stamps are our specialty. We have been selling office stamps for over 20 years now and we see that a lot of work done by hand, could be done a lot easier with the proper equipment. Office stamps come in handy when numbering papers and filing invoices for example. Our office stamps range from 4 to 11 numbers on the stamp plate that can rotated (by hand) and stamped automatically. The office stamps are all self-inking, which means they have a built-in ink pad that releases the right amount of ink every time you press your office stamp.

Numbering stamps, brands and types

The office stamps we supply are all made to the best quality. Colop offers you different types of office stamps: from their standard Printer numerator to their more robust Classic Model. Colop lets you choose the amount of numbers on your office stamp and gives you the choice to add text, for reasonable prices. Choice of ink colour included. Besides Colop office stamps, we also offer you Trodat numbering stamps. Also one of the best brands in the world.