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Already using a Colop Classic / eXpert stamp, but you made some changes in the details? Purchase your personalised replacement rubber text plate here with a corresponding ink pad for a clear imprint. | Replacement text plates for Colop Classic and eXpert rubber stamps.

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Colop Classic / eXpert Text Plates

As a rubber stamp company, we understand that your stamps have to be up to date. If the data, logo or text on your stamp is outdated, do you need to buy a new stamp? The answer is no. A lot of people don’t know that you can order Colop Classic text plates online and design them yourself! You’ll only have to pay for the rubber text plates at no additional charge. Our Colop eXpert text plates are especially for the eXpert stamps. Search for the type of stamp you have and order your new Colop text plates online. All of our Colop Classic text plates fit on the Classic Line models.