Just buy a rubber stamp text plate

No need to replace the entire stamp, just order a new rubber text plate when your data has changed and save! Recycle old stamp by replacing the text plate. This will not only benefit you, but our environment too. | Is the data on your rubber stamp out-dated? Simply buy a new text plate to replace the old one and recycle the frame, instead of throwing your old stamp away.

When do I change my rubber stamp text plates?

We understand that when owning a business or shop, your data may vary from time to time. Instead of purchasing a new stamp when your address or phone number changes, you can easily replace the rubber stamp text plates. Colop, Trodat and other brands all have custom rubber text plates you can change yourself. We supply rubber stamp text plates for every brand, so you save money and your stamp lasts a little longer. There's no need to throw your old stamp away, because the grip will likely still be intact. If you buy a replacement rubber stamp text plate, it would be wise to buy a new ink pad too. The imprint of the rubber could be pressed into the ink pad in which case the new rubber text plate may not be inked properly in.

Text plates for every brand

You already own a rubber stamp, but you’re not happy with the stamp text anymore? Create your own text plate with our online stamp creator! It’s easy and you can fully personalise it. Choose the stamp font and style the impression of your stamp yourself. We supply text plates for Colop stamps and Trodat stamps. Of course , the Colop text plates go on the Colop models and are not suited for any other brand. It's important you pick the right stamp plate with the right grip. In case you need any help regarding buying a rubber stamp plate online, please contact us.