Colop Pocket stamps for on-the-go

Design your own trendy Pocket Stamp. Great for on the road or at your office. Handy and clean portable stamps for when you are on the run. Big choice in color and sizes. | Customisable pocket stamp with personal text or logo.

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Design your own Colop Pocket Stamp

Most stamps are big and sturdy and stand on desks. When off on an adventure such as scuba diving, geocaching or hiking, stamps can be of use for marking checkpoints. Colop Pocket Stamps were designed for this need. The stamps have a clip for shirts so they can be brought everywhere. You can control Colop Pocket Stamps with one hand and that makes them perfect for when you are on the go. Looking for geocaching, scuba diving hiking stamps? Colop Pocket stamps can be carried on keychains and even around your neck!