Company stamps for sales representatives

Colop Pocket stamps are perfect for travelling, on-the-go or as a business gift. Design your own pocket stamp, perfect for geocaching or scuba diving. | Fully customisable, portable company stamps by Colop. Great as geocaching stamp, scuba diving stamp or personalised business gift.

Portable company stamp

On some adventures or travels, you want to travel light. In meetings, hiking trips and geocaching for instance, the weight and format of your office supplies matters. Especially when you are travelling, the stamp design is what could make all the difference. The portable stamps we offer all have a small customised design and are very lightweight and compact, making for an original gift. The best thing is you can upload your own stamp design. Did you know there are special geocaching stamps available? Our portable stamps weigh almost nothing, though their imprints are just as clear and visible as other Colop rubber stamps.

Portable stamp as a business gift

A business gift is always more fun to give when it’s been personalised. Our pocket stamps with a personal stamp design are perfect as a small present, as they contain the logo or data of your client or contact. Personalise the text or image of these company stamps and surprise them with a customised stamp design! Our portable company stamps can be fully personalised with your data, the colour of the grip, the colour of the ink and the size. Always have your company stamps ready for when you need them

Small company stamps: Colop Pocket & Colop Mouse

The Colop Pocket Stamp and Colop Mouse are the smallest company stamps in our range. No wonder they are perfect on the go, or even to keep in your pocket or purse. As with most Colop stamps, these portable stamps can be ordered with your own stamp design. This is included in the price. Design your company stamps online yourself and choose which text lines or logo you would like to print. If you have any questions regarding company stamps or Colop stamps, please let us know.