Translator stamp or notary stamp.

The EOS stamps are known for their crystal clear imprints and are even suited for glossy paper, where other stamps are not. Designing your own round flash stamp is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. Add your company logo, address or a desired image and leave clear imprints on documents, letters and bills.

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  1. EOS R17. Order stamps online with OfficeRubberStamps. Quick delivery!
    EOS R17

    Size: Ø17mm

    £15.47 excl. VAT £18.72 incl. VAT
  2. EOS R30. Stamp maker for the UK. We’ll provide your EOS R30
    EOS R30

    Size: Ø30mm

    £21.77 excl. VAT £26.34 incl. VAT
  3. EOS R40. Delivering your personalised stamp, e.g. the EOS R40
    EOS R40

    Size: Ø40mm

    £29.49 excl. VAT £35.68 incl. VAT

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