Flash custom stamps

Print up to 20,000 times without re-inking! You can use your stamps directly onto glossy and shiny materials. | Pre-inked stamps by EOS for up to 20,000 clear impressions.

Pre-inked stamps by EOS for up to 20,000 prints

EOS Flash Stamps are known for their crystal clear imprints. These custom stamps are produced in a slightly different manner than normal, as the rubber is not cut by a laser, but flashed out by light, just as the name suggests. This is what makes EOS custom stamps special. When looking for a pre-inked stamp with very sharp and clear in imprints, you’ll find EOS Flash stamps to be just the thing. These custom ink stamps leave up to 20000 impressions without ever replacing their ink supply.

You can use your flash stamp directly onto glossy and shiny materials.

The EOS customised stamps contains about 3 or 4 times more ink than any other pre-inked stamp. Not only does this flash stamp hold more ink, it also contains a different type of ink. In addition, the flash stamp will not lose its printability, as the stamp was flashed and not carved out.
The EOS is suited for glossy paper, where other stamps are not. The ink that’s used is alcohol-based, which means the drying time is shorter. If you want to use your company stamps directly onto glossy materials such as flyers, the EOS flash stamps are your best choice. The Flash Stamps come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for all sorts of paper materials.

Why is the EOS custom stamp special?

The EOS stamp impressions will dry in under 2 seconds, without leaving stains. Your print will be on your document in a flash! Why write it down when you can easily stamp it? Take your signature, for example. A signature stamp would make signing your documents and papers much easier and quicker. Design your own EOS stamp and put your signature or logo on an imprint that is clearer than any other stamp. These flash custom stamps are perfect for accountants, office employees and business owners.