Environmentally friendly rubber stamps

Bespoke rubber stamps produced from waste materials and recycled products. For environmentally aware companies like the Colop company. | Eco-friendly rubber stamps made from waste and recycled materials. Personalise our environmentally friendly stamps with your logo or text.

Eco friendly stamps: Colop Green Line

At Office Rubber Stamps, we support the environment when and how we can. For instance: our Green Line is completely environmentally friendly and has a green design. Not only literally, but also ‘green’ as in recycled in its packaging. Our eco-friendly stamps are made out of waste materials and recycled rubber plates, to keep them as environmentally friendly as possible. Their quality is still guaranteed by Colop, the Green Line stamp maker.

Colop Green Line rubber stamps

The Colop Green Line offers you various eco-friendly rubber stamps with the quality you are used to, but produced in a more environmentally friendly manner. The green design is slightly different, as it was made from waste materials and recycled cardboard. When you and your company want to show your dedication to the environment, having eco-friendly office supplies on your desk might help you carry that message. You can alter the green design by placing a photograph in the inlay of your eco-friendly stamp and just like all other Colop stamps, the design can be personalised. Go green with our eco-friendly stamps!

Personalised eco friendly stamps

Create personalised eco friendly stamps that meet all the EPA/GSA requirements, with our online stamp creator! Green Line stamps are made with post-consumer plastic for the least environmental impact. All of our Green Line stamps are self-inking with a water-based ink and can be fully personalised. Choose your eco friendly ink colour, design and format easily. These eco friendly stamps can be refilled when necessary for an extended life, which saves excessive environmental waste.