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All the best brands of personalised stamps can be found here. Create your own personalised business stamps! | High-quality personalised company stamps.

Personalised stamps: our specialty.

Crafting self-inking personalised rubber stamps is a profession! Ours, to be more specific. Most personalised stamp manufacturers choose between rubber and polymer, which then defines the quality and price range of the product. We choose to work with rubber for our personalised stamps in order to give you fully-customised stamps and the best quality available. Our lasers can cut the rubber perfectly cleanly, guaranteeing that your personalised stamp will be just the way you expected and designed it. You can choose a brand such as Colop or Trodat, and upload your file or design the stamp yourself. Put your company's logo on your personalised stamps!!

Custom personalised stamps. Make your own stamp.

All information is to hand at Officerubberstamps. We’ve been making custom stamps for over 20 years now and will assist you in whatever way you need while you create your personalised stamp. Our helpdesk is on stand-by for questions. However, with our online creator mode, we're sure you won't need us. When you're done creating your customised stamps, we'll ship your products the same day. The most unique thing about our English stamp company is that our products are personalised by our customers and then produced by us. This makes Office Rubber Stamps the shop to go to for ordering personalised rubber stamps, company stamps, return to sender stamps and even personalised wedding rubber stamps!

Self-inking personalised stamps online.

Want to design your own personalised rubber stamper? The website has a built-in online design creator, allowing you to design your own personalised stamps. You can start creating by simply selecting a brand or model from the left menu bar. If you don’t know what kind of personalised ink stamp fits your needs, just click on “design your stamp” at the top of the page. This creator will give you more visible options for choosing your personalised ink stamps. Decide how your personalised rubber stamp will come out by selecting the colour, shape or text. We supply all kinds of images for customised stamps, but we also give you the option to upload your own image. Lastly, you can choose the colour ink you want to use for your personalised stamp and you’re all set! When it comes to personalised rubber stamps, we take care of the rest! If you need help getting your rubber stamps personalised, please contact us.