Circular stamp

Round hand stamps to be used with a spare ink pad in different sizes. Personalise with your own text and logo.

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  1. Rubber Hand Stamp Ø 18 mm. Company stamp tailor-made for your company. Rubber Hand Stamp Ø 18 mm
    Hand Stamp Ø 18 mm

    Size: Ø18mm

    £11.34 excl. VAT £13.72 incl. VAT
  2. Rubber Hand Stamp Ø 25 mm. Order your company stamps directly from OfficeRubberStamps
    Hand Stamp Ø 25 mm

    Size: Ø25mm

    £12.47 excl. VAT £15.09 incl. VAT
  3. Rubber Hand Stamp Ø 35 mm. The English stamp company with the fastest delivery!
    Hand Stamp Ø 35 mm

    Size: Ø35mm

    £13.60 excl. VAT £16.46 incl. VAT
  4. Rubber Hand Stamp Ø 40 mm. Low-cost and speedy delivery
    Hand Stamp Ø 40 mm

    Size: Ø40mm

    £14.74 excl. VAT £17.84 incl. VAT
  5. Rubber Hand Stamp Ø 45 mm. Stamp maker for the UK. We’ll provide your Rubber Hand Stamp Ø 45 mm
    Hand Stamp Ø 45 mm

    Size: Ø45mm

    £15.87 excl. VAT £19.20 incl. VAT
  6. Rubber Hand Stamp Ø 70 mm. Order stamps online with OfficeRubberStamps. Quick delivery!
    Hand Stamp Ø 70 mm

    Size: Ø70mm

    £25.51 excl. VAT £30.87 incl. VAT

6 Items

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Hand stamp with circular shape

When the logo of your company is shaped circular, the smartest thing to do when looking for a hand stamp is choosing the right shape and stamp sizes. Select a circular shape for the best imprint. Wooden stamps come in all sorts of stamp sizes and shapes and are perfect for multiple applications, such as paper, kraft and even linen and cotton. A circular wooden stamp is easy to order at Office Rubber Stamps. Place your logo or text on a circular stamp easily.