Personalised wooden hand stamps

Wooden hand stamps available in every size and shape. Personalise with your own text and logo. Choose your ink and design. Hand stamps in all sizes! | Hand stamps with wooden frame in all shapes and sizes . Design yours with our quick and easy stamp tool, adding your personalised text and/or logo.

Your logo or text on a personalised custom made stamp

Are you looking for a completely adjustable wooden hand stamp that stamps directly onto paper, handicrafts or cardboard? While this may sound like an expensive product, our hand-crafted hand stamps are just the opposite! We have been making hand stamps for around 20 years and have a passion that we would like to share with as many people as possible. Our economically priced hand stamps are still of the best quality available and every one is hand-crafted with the highest possible care. The wooden rubber stamps we sell range in size and shape and are the most versatile hand stamps there are.

Personalised hand stamps of the highest quality

Our wooden hand stamps are available in many sizes and shapes. As an online stamp maker, we produce and design hand stamps ourselves. You are buying from the stamp manufacturer! We take charge of quality and due to our many years of experience in making hand stamps, we can guarantee you a great product. Be creative with the impression you want to leave: put your logo or custom text on the hand stamp! If you don’t have a logo already, try choosing images or fonts from our online stamp creator. These vintage hand stamps not only look great, but are also very handy and original when it comes to leaving your details on paper.

Wooden rubber stamps with multiple applications

Our hand stamps contain rubber that leaves impressions on all kinds of surfaces. Did you know that you can stamp on handicrafts and even cotton and linen with our hand stamps? Design your own linen bags online with our creator, or contact us if you would like to know more. At Office Rubber Stamps, we supply all sorts of ink to go with our wooden hand stamps, so the choice of what you’ll stamp on is all yours! Are you a shop owner that wants to print on linen bags but you’re not able to buy 10.000 units all at once? Try our wooden hand stamp with special ink for printing on the bags, which can save you a lot of money! As you can see, a wooden hand stamp can be used for many different purposes. If you need any more information about our hand stamps, please contact us.