E/R45 Colop

Colop replaceable ink pad E/R45 for the Colop Printer 45 Dater stamp / Colop Classic 2045/6 / 2045/UZ.

£7.79 excl. VAT £9.43 incl. VAT

High quality replaceable E/R45 ink pad for use in the Colop Printer R45 date stamp. Colop Classic 2045/6 / 2045/UZ with standard water based ink for self-inking Colop stamps. The quality of this ink pad guarantees a clear imprint and ensures the best stamping results. Provides up to 7.000 prints and is easy to replace. Pull the stamp machine down and push the old ink pad out, then simply slide the new ink pad in and the stamp machine will return to its normal position. The blue/red version is suitable for the date stamp. Colop Printer R45 and Colop Classic 2045.

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