Trodat Printy self-inking date stamp UK

Trodat Printy Self-Inking Date Stamp. Date combined with custom personalised text. Create your own Trodat dater stamp here in easy and simple steps. | Trodat Printy self-inking date stamp.

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Self-inker Trodat Printy dater

Trodat Printy date stamps have a plastic casing, so they are suitable for use in the office, in the store or at home. The prints are beautiful and clear and can be choosen from several ink colours, and often 2 colours in 1 pad are possible. In that case, the date will usually be red. If you use it very often or you use it in a workspace such as a warehouse, we recommend the Trodat Professional dater.
The date block in the stamp consists of small gears which you can turn by hand to adjust the date every day. It's very easy. You can also easily replace the inkpad yourself: see our chapter about spare pads. The ink in these pads is water-based by default. You can stamp on normal paper, but not on glossy paper or labels. For that you will need a quick-drying ink. Please ask our helpdesk for more information. 

Custom date stamp

These Trodat Printy daters can all place your own text above, below or even around the date. You can use the stamp for administration or in your store, for instance when you receive something and you wish to date it along with your company details. Of course, there are many more possible uses for these custom date stamps.