Self-inking Colop Printer date stamps UK

Date combined with own custom text. Perfect for administration use. Add personalised custom text to your Colop Printer date stamp to increase versatility. Create your own self-inking dater in easy and simple steps. | Combine the date with your custom text – create your personal date stamp online here. Perfect for administrative use.

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Stamp with date and your own text

The date stamps from the Colop Printer series come in 20 sizes. All these stamps have a plastic casing, an integrated ink pad and a date block. The size of print numbers is usually 3 or 4 mil. There are also small gears you can use to adjust the date yourself. Most date stamps have 10 years life. In addition to this, you can design your own text plate online. Usually, this is only text.
If you want more, such as a logo, please contact us by email, so we can do a design for you. The price will not be affected. The date is nearly always in the middle of the text plate so will be more stable and clear. Colop is one of the top stamp brands worldwide.

Administration stamp with adjustable date

Do you need a date stamp for administrative purposes? Then look no further. The Colop Printer date stamps are perfect for these applications. Often, the text above the date is "RECEIVED" or "SENT", but you can of course put any text above or below the date. These stamps last up to 10 years. The inkpad in the stamp lasts for around 4000 to 7000 prints and can easily be replaced. Date stamps can be ordered with 1 ink colour or 2. With the last option, the date is always in red.