Date stamp, all brands and sizes

All major brands in Self-Inking Date Stamps are available in the UK. Add personalised custom text to your date stamp to increase versatility. Create your own self-inking dater in simple and easy steps. | Self-inking date stamps from a wide range of brands and in all different sizes, with the option of adding custom text.

Self-Inking Date Stamps UK

You can easily revolve a dater by hand. Press the stamp 1 to 2 mil so the stamp plate doesn't press down on the ink pad, and revolve the date. A new dater lasts up to 10 years. The months are designated by 4 letters. Out of stamp ink? Then simply order a new ink pad, which will last to 4000 to 7000 times.

Adjustable self-inking dater in several models

Choose a personalised stamp with an adjustable date. You can choose a plastic stamp grip or go for a sturdier model which is partly made of metal. These are of the highest quality and stronger. Finally, we also have hand stamps (non self-inking) for special sizes. These stamps also allow you to choose the date. Another benefit of these stamps is that you can choose your own inkpad, which means you could also choose quick-drying ink. This date stamp also lets you revolve the date by hand. A self-inking dater is the easier option, as you don't need a separate ink pad.
Are you looking for a durable date stamp? Check out the Green Line. These stamps are made of recycled plastic and are completely CO2 neutral too.